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One of the best things about coming home is the element of surprise. Whether it’s a romantic gesture from your partner or a welcome home party from your friends, there’s nothing like coming home to a pleasant surprise. If you’re looking to add a little excitement to your homecoming, here are some ideas to get you started.

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If you’re planning a surprise for someone special, coming up with the perfect idea can be tough. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these five amazing coming home surprise ideas that are sure to make your loved one smile.

1. Arrange for a message from home Nothing says “welcome home” like a heartfelt message from loved ones. Arrange to have a sign or banner made, or even hire a skywriter to write your message in the sky.

Your loved one will be sure to appreciate the gesture. 2. Set up a special homecoming dinner Coming home to a delicious homecooked meal is always a treat.

But you can make it extra special by setting up a beautiful table complete with candles, flowers, and their favorite food. They’ll feel like a VIP all night long. 3. Put together a homecoming party

Gather all of your loved one’s friends and family and throw a big party to welcome them home. It’s the perfect way to show them how much they’re loved and missed. 4. Plan a fun-filled day

Whether it’s going to their favorite amusement park or taking a scenic hike, plan a fun-filled day that your loved one will never forget. They’ll appreciate the effort you put into making their homecoming special. 5. Give them the VIP treatment

Fun ways to surprise someone

Surprising someone can be a lot of fun – especially if you know them well and can think of something that will really knock their socks off! Here are a few ideas to get you started: 1. Plan a day or evening out that is completely out of the ordinary for them.

Think about what they love and plan something around that – even if it’s something as simple as taking them to their favourite restaurant for dinner. 2. Arrange for a special delivery to be made to their door – perhaps flowers, chocolates, or even a gift voucher for a special treat. 3. Give them a call or send them a text message at a random moment, just to let them know you’re thinking of them.

4. Plan a weekend getaway – even if it’s just to a nearby city or town. Somewhere they can relax and enjoy themselves, without having to worry about work or other commitments. 5.Write them a heartfelt letter expressing your love and appreciation for them.

Sometimes the simplest gestures can mean the most.

coming home surprise ideas


How can I surprise my boyfriend when I come home?

Assuming you would like tips on ways to surprise your boyfriend when you return home: 1. Arrange for a friend to pick him up from work or wherever he is and bring him home. 2. Tell him you have a surprise for him and to close his eyes.

3. When you get home, have a trail of rose petals or some other romantic gesture leading into the house. 4. Cook his favorite meal or bake his favorite dessert. 5. Buy tickets to a show or a game he’s been wanting to see.

6. Plan a weekend getaway and pack his bag for him. 7. Set up a romantic scavenger hunt around the house or the city. 8. Get a massage and then give him one.

9. Make a photo album or scrapbook of your time together. 10. Plan a romantic evening under the stars.

What can I do to surprise my family?

There are all sorts of ways to surprise your family. Here are just a few ideas: 1. Arrange a special day or weekend away.

This could be a trip to the beach, a favorite amusement park, or even a camping trip. 2. Cook or bake a favorite family recipe. This is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care.

3. Give a heartfelt gift. This could be something handmade, a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, or a family heirloom. 4. Plan a fun activity.

This could be anything from tickets to a ball game to a day at a water park. 5. Whatever you do, make sure it is something your family will remember and cherish for years to come.

How do you reveal a surprise visit?

A surprise visit can be a great way to show someone you care. But, if not done correctly, it can also be a huge disappointment. Here are a few tips on how to reveal a surprise visit:

1. First, you’ll want to make sure that the person you’re surprising is actually available. There’s nothing worse than surprising someone only to find out they’re not home. 2. Once you’ve confirmed that the person is available, you’ll need to figure out how to get to their location without them knowing.

This may mean flying or driving in to an airport or city that’s close by. 3. Once you’re close to the person’s location, you’ll need to find a way to get in touch with them without them knowing it’s you. This can be done by calling or texting from a friend’s phone, or by using a burner phone.

4. Once you’re in contact with the person, you can reveal your surprise. Be sure to do it in a way that’s not going to scare them, like popping out from behind a corner. 5. Finally, once you’ve revealed yourself, enjoy your time together!

How do you surprise someone you haven’t seen in a long time?

Assuming you would like tips on how to surprise someone you haven’t seen in a long time: 1. Find out what they have been up to- Obviously you can’t surprise someone if you don’t know what they are into nowadays. Try and catch up on their social media, talk to mutual friends, or even ask them directly what they have been up to.

This will give you a better idea of what kind of surprise they would appreciate. 2. Make it personal- A surprise is only good if it is tailored to the person you are surprising. Something that is significant to them will make the surprise that much more special.

3. Keep it a secret- The element of surprise is key! If you tell them about the surprise ahead of time, it takes away from the impact. Try to be as sneaky as possible so they are completely caught off guard.


It’s always nice to come home to a surprise, whether it’s a clean house or a special dinner. But sometimes it’s hard to think of ideas that will really surprise your loved ones. Here are a few fun ideas to make coming home a special event.

1. Arrange for a pet to be waiting at the door. This could be a real pet that you’ve temporarily borrowed, or a stuffed animal that you’ve placed in a strategic location. Either way, your loved one will be surprised and delighted to see a furry friend waiting for them.

2. Make a trail of rose petals leading to the front door. This is a classic romantic gesture that is sure to please. 3. Hide a special gift in a place where it will be found easily.

This could be a new book, a piece of jewelry, or anything else that you know your loved one would appreciate. 4. Cook a favorite meal or bake a special treat. Coming home to a delicious meal or sweet treat will definitely be a pleasant surprise.

5. Simply tidy up the house and put everything in its place. This may not seem like much, but if you know your loved one is coming home to a messy house, they’ll definitely appreciate the effort. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that your loved one will appreciate.

A little thoughtfulness goes a long way in making coming home a special event.

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