Tumblr Room Ideas Hipster: Great Ideas

If you’re looking for some hipster Tumblr room ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Tumblr is a great platform for finding creative and unique ideas for your home, and there are plenty of hipster-inspired rooms to be found.

Whether you’re looking for a rustic, bohemian space or a more modern, minimalist aesthetic, there’s sure to be a Tumblr room that fits your style.

So take a look around and get inspired to create your own hipster Tumblr room.

Room Decor Tumblr

Tumblr Room Ideas Hipster- If you are looking for some Tumblr room ideas hipster, then this post is for you. I will share with you some of the best Tumblr room ideas hipster that I have come across. I hope that you will find them helpful in creating your own Tumblr room.

Cute room decor ideas

If you’re looking for some cute room decor ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are a few ideas that will help you add some personality and pizzazz to your space.

1. Add some colorful throw pillows:

Throw pillows are an easy way to add a pop of color and personality to any room. Choose pillows in colors that compliment your existing decor, or go for a bolder look with patterns and prints.

2. Hang some art:

Artwork is a great way to personalize your space and make it feel like your own. Choose pieces that reflect your taste and style, and be sure to hang them at eye level for the best effect.

3. Display photos and mementos:

Photos and mementos are a great way to add a personal touch to your room. Choose a few of your favorites and arrange them in a creative way on a shelf or dresser.

4. Use fun and funky hardware:

Cabinet hardware is a small detail that can make a big impact. Choose unique knobs and pulls for your dresser or cabinets to add a touch of fun and personality.

5. Add a rug:

Rugs are a great way to add color, pattern, and texture to a room. Choose a rug that compliments your existing decor, or go for a bolder look with a pattern or color.

How can I make my room look like a Tumblr room

Assuming you would like tips on how to make your room look like those often seen on the social media platform Tumblr, here are a few suggestions: 1. Start by giving your room a fresh coat of paint in a light and airy color; this will help create a blank slate to work with. 2. Next, add in some soft and cozy bedding; look for items in pretty pastel colors or with delicate prints.

3. Install some shelves, and fill them with books, plants, and other knick-knacks. 4. Finally, add some personal touches, like photos, posters, and other artwork.

What are some ideas for Tumblr rooms?

ideas for Tumblr rooms

There’s no one answer to this question since everyone’s taste is different. However, here are some general ideas for Tumblr rooms that you can customize to fit your own style:

1. Choose a color scheme and stick to it. This will help create a cohesive look for your room.

2. Incorporate your interests into your room design. For example, if you love fashion, display your collection of designer bags or showcase your vintage finds.

3. Get creative with storage. Tumblr rooms tend to be on the smaller side, so making use of every nook and cranny is key. Consider hanging shelves or using creative baskets and bins to store your belongings.

4. Add personal touches. What makes your Tumblr room unique is you, so don’t be afraid to show off your personality. Hang up photos, art, or anything else that represents who you are.

Hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration for designing your own Tumblr room. Remember, there are no rules, so have fun and make it your own!

What are some hipster Tumblr room ideas

If you’re looking for some hipster Tumblr room ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Tumblr is a great platform for expressing your unique style, and there are plenty of ways to make your Tumblr room look hipster chic. One of the most important things to consider when decorating your Tumblr room is the color scheme.

Stick to a muted color palette for a more understated look, or go for bolder hues if you want to make more of a statement. When it comes to furniture, vintage pieces are a great way to add some hipster flair. Mid-century modern furniture is particularly popular among Tumblr users.

Another way to make your Tumblr room look hipster is to hang interesting art on the walls. Look for pieces that are unique and eye-catching, and make sure to mix and match different styles and genres. Eclectic is the name of the game when it comes to hipster Tumblr rooms.

Finally, don’t forget the little details. Throw pillows, funky light fixtures, and vintage rugs can all help to give your Tumblr room that perfect hipster finishing touch.

How can I make my room more Tumblr-esque

If you’re looking to add a touch of Tumblr to your room, there are a few things you can do to make it happen. First, consider your color scheme. Tumblr rooms tend to be fairly light and airy, with lots of white, pale pastels, and neutrals.

You can add some color with accent pieces, but don’t go overboard. Next, take a look at your furniture. Tumblr rooms typically have a mix of vintage and modern pieces, and often feature DIY projects or unique finds.

Again, keep things fairly light and airy – avoid heavy, dark furniture. Finally, add some personal touches. Tumblr rooms are all about expressing yourself, so add some posters, photos, or other items that reflect your personality.

You can also add some fun DIY projects, like string lights or a bulletin board. With these tips, you can easily add a touch of Tumblr to your room.

What are some tips for creating a Tumblr room

Tumblr Room Ideas

Assuming you want tips for decorating a room with a Tumblr theme:

1. Start with a blank canvas. Tumblr rooms are all about creativity and self-expression, so it’s important to start with a clean slate. You can add your own personal touches to the room later on.

2. Think minimal. When it comes to Tumblr rooms, less is more. Keep the furniture and decor to a minimum so that the focus is on the overall aesthetic of the room.

3. Go for a monochromatic color scheme. Tumblr rooms are typically decorated with a black and white color scheme. This creates a clean and modern look that is perfect for a Tumblr-inspired room.

4. Add some greenery. Plants are a must in any Tumblr room. They add a touch of nature and life to the space.

5. Incorporate unique pieces. Tumblr rooms are all about individuality. Find pieces that reflect your own personal style and taste. This could be anything from vintage finds to one-of-a-kind art pieces.

6. Use fairy lights. Fairy lights are a Tumblr staple. They add a touch of whimsy and romance to any room.

7. Display your photos. Photos are a big part of the Tumblr aesthetic. Display them in creative ways throughout your room.

8. Don’t forget the details. The details are what will make your Tumblr room truly unique.


The Tumblr hipster room ideas are all about mixing and matching different pieces to create a unique and stylish space. You can start with a basic color palette of black and white, and then add in pops of color with accessories and art. The key is to keep it eclectic and interesting.

Layer different textures and patterns, and don’t be afraid to mix old and new pieces.

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